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Faith Journey in Art Class

It’s not easy to teach. You must be ON all the time. You must be patient, kind, and giving. Teaching is made for saints…and, I am no saint!

Despite this, the one thing that I have noticed during this teaching path is that my students are watching to see my humanity. It is not that they want to see me fail but they take great pleasure knowing that I can laugh at myself when things go wrong…. and, things always go wrong.

I suppose I want to be perfect in my student’s eyes. Early on, I had been writing on the board and misspelled a word and my students immediately caught it. At first, I was embarrassed but after a short time it occurred to me of how wonderful it was that the students were 1. Paying attention to what I was writing and, 2. That they could spell correctly! Silly me for being embarrassed. When it happens now (and, it does frequently), I turn to my students and state how smart I think they are. We laugh at my humanness, and they are proud of themselves. It’s a win!

Teaching does not allow for any ego whatsoever. In many ways, teaching is a humbling experience. Yes, I know my content well, and am an “expert” in my field, but do I know enough to reach a child who comes from a dysfunctional home? Can I inspire? Will I be able to reach 30 different personalities with 30 different wants and needs?

Adapted from the Diocese of St. Petersburg, Fl

God of Love, help me notice a child’s special gift. Help me to be a good listener and gentle guide. Help me to expect much and love enough to demand more.

God of Mercy, Sustain me. Strengthen me when I am exhausted. Encourage me to  care, inspire and nourish my students. Motivate me to keep on learning for fun and make it enjoyable for my students.



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